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Repeat Female Patient: Hormone Treatment Pathology Guideline

If you are are a female patient receiving treatment for Hormone Replacement Therapy, please follow the instructions below in order to complete your required pathology ​testing (bloods) and ensure accurate results. If you have any questions on the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on, and our team will be glad to help

Instructions For Repeat Female Hormone Replacement
*Please Read Carefully Before Proceeding*

The pathology forms attached below are specifically for use with Australian Clinical Labs, and cannot be uploaded to any other pathology-testing providers.  If you download these forms and present them to another third party pathology-testing provider, it is highly likely that you will pay a significantly higher rate for your blood test results.

Why has The Functional Doctors partnered with Australian Clinical Labs (ACL)?

  • TFD has partnered with ACL as they are the largest pathology testing network in Australia

  • Whilst TFD is not involved directly in testing (ACL own all blood testing) we have negotiated significantly improved rates for our patients compared to RRP.

What should I do if I cannot access Clinical Labs for any reason, or if I need to provide blood results from a different source?

  • If you are in a rural area and there are no Clinical Labs near you, please contact us for a different form & instructions. You can reach us at or call us on 1800 370 690.

Female Hormone Pathology Test

1. Download & print pathology form (Note: you cannot use form from phone, it must be printed) 




2. Attend your nearest Clinical Labs (Click here for locations)

Pathology: mandatory instructions

  1. Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours prior 

  2. Fast from 10pm the night before (Excluding water) 

  3. Ensure you drink plenty of water the morning prior to obtaining your blood test 

  4. Do not take supplements containing biotin (B7) for two days prior to this test 

Note for patients receiving treatment for hormone replacement therapy only: Have the blood drawn on the day your next dose is due, but before administering your prescribed HRT medication

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